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People avoid tough conversations and challenging projects, not because they are stupid, or lazy, or don’t care. People don't take on the tough stuff because they aren’t comfortable with and confident in processes to take them on.

Through consulting, speaking, training and resources, using appropriate humor and great process, theeffectiveleadershipcoach.com helps leaders, managers, and project teams own the plan, skills and courage to do what they must do.

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Once you own the plan, skills and courage, the tough things are no longer tough. Remember your first day as a boss. What kind of boneheaded things did you do? How much better are you now? Instead of trying to hire geniuses why not hire ordinary, everyday people and give them the plan, skills and courage to do extraordinary things?

Welcome to theeffectiveleadershipcoach.com.

Please view the imbedded videos and read the blogs. These videos and blogs are no-charge training of the highest order. Check out our training for your location, sign up for one of our webinars, inquire about consulting or use John Cameron as a keynote speaker or MC for your event.

What others say about the charismatic, brilliant and humble John A. Cameron

Chris Anderson, Director of Education

You did a wonderful job speaking at the Rotary Club of Folsom last night, John!

Bob Quinlan
Folsom Rotary

... John's trainings lead to great outcomes, and it doesn't hurt that they are also a lot of fun.
Brandon Wright
Executive Director
Center for Multicultural Cooperation

I felt that you were concise on all points and made an effective use of humor to keep the audience engaged and alert.

Patrick Streight
Director of Human Resources
Colusa Indian Community Council

The class taught by John Cameron was informative, entertaining and strategically minded.

Susan Rasmussen 
Pharmacy Program Coordinator
Sutter Health

John’s energy and enthusiasm raises the expectation that our event will be fun and action-packed. He drops teaching points without being patronizing or detracting from the focus of the event.

Jane Daley
Executive Director
Rancho Cordova Chamber of Commerce.

"Working with John for the past 5 months has generated immediate and tangible outcomes for our nonprofit organization, including increased employee productivity, common language for executing projects, time management skills, conflict mediation ability, and project planning... John has done transformational work for us this year, and I consider him a mentor and ally in our ability to executive our mission and vision as an organization. "

Nicole Jared,
Operations Manger
Center for Multicultural Communications

He is engaging and makes it fun to learn project management.

Suzanne Moreno, M.Ed.
Encourage Tomorrow

Cameron and Cameron Consulting LLC : 5150 Fair Oaks Blvd Suite 101-126 Carmichael CA 95608